Implementing an ERP solution is a business critical initiative. In order to help ensure you are getting the best possible return on your ERP investment, you need to have your end users leveraging the solution to its fullest. Without proper training on exactly how you expect your end users to utilize the solution, you run the risk of costly mistakes and lack of user adoption. All of these can potentially affect the overall return on your ERP investment. Epicor Knowledge Mentor (EKM) enables you to easily create, deploy, and manage custom training content and documentation unique to your Epicor solution. EKM can help your company realize and extend the benefits of your Epicor solution investment by improving your employees’ knowledge of and ability to utilize the software. Through its unique capabilities, Epicor Knowledge Mentor provides an interactive approach to learning. The training content shows users through various outputs how to use the system exactly as it will be configured in their own work environment. This leads to fewer potential mistakes, improved ownership of their work, and ultimately helps improve the investment you made in your Epicor solution.

Epicor Knowledge Mentor simplifies the way you develop and deliver training materials and documentation. It mitigates the initial and on-going challenges inherent in end user adoption by providing a set of tools to support your end users with resources and reference materials they need now and in the future.

EKM significantly saves the time it takes to create training materials by using a single source capture approach that yields multiple types of output that target common adult learning styles. These multiple outputs help ensure the learners are getting the most out of the training curriculum that will help them best learn and retain this important information. The EKM outputs include:

• Read: provides user guides and job aids for reference
• Show: demonstrates through simulations how to complete tasks in automated scenarios
• Try: allows users to practice with various supports in a non production environment
• Test: measures users’ knowledge and provide feedback on performance

The training content can be translated into over 40 different languages and is easy to access through HTML links that can be downloaded on desktops or mobile devices.

Epicor Knowledge Mentor Components

Epicor Knowledge Mentor is comprised of three modules that work seamlessly together to simplify the development, deployment, and consumption of your training and user resources.

EKM Author: EKM Author provides the functionality to develop and publish end user training and reference material in over 40 different languages. It enables customers to create demonstration and practice simulations, tests and quizzes, and documentation in multiple formats (Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, PDF, HTML) all from one file.

EKM Collaborator: EKM Collaborator is a server-based project management tool to simplify the assignment of training materials to users as well as manage the content development workflow. The tool also tracks if/when an end user has consumed the training content and displays any test or quiz scores. This information helps both the individual user’s manager and those creating content to better ensure the most effective training content is available and being consumed.

EKM End User: EKM End Users are those licensed to consume the training content that is created in EKM Author and stored in EKM Collaborator. The end user can access content both from their desktop/laptop or from a mobile device creating more flexibility on when and how learning can occur. An EKM End User also has Instant Author capabilities that allow users to create small pieces of training content through an intuitive, wizard-based authoring tool. This allows anyone in the organization to share information about their particular areas of expertise.

Epicor Knowledge Mentor Services

Beyond the Knowledge Mentor software installation, you may look to Epicor to help accelerate your EKM use and expertise. Partake in an Epicor University introductory EKM Author and Collaborator virtual training course or elicit one of our knowledgeable EKM Consultants to provide in-depth training on your unique environment. Together with your key training
stakeholders, Epicor can carefully plan and document an end-user training roadmap. This roadmap will highlight specific course types, desired content delivery mechanisms, and timelines. Epicor can expand to provide the resources to prototype deliverables, create custom content and training materials, and provide on-going project management for your training program development and rollout. The end result is a quality training program designed to promote user adoption and to receive the optimal benefits of your Epicor software solution.

Extend the Benefits

Knowledge Mentor can help you realize and extend the benefit of your investment in your Epicor solution by improving your employees’ knowledge of and ability to utilize the applications.

EKM benefits include:

  • Improves user adoption and knowledge retention rates

  • Saves on development time and costs for custom education materials

  • Develops standardized training content across the organization

  • Adheres to the primary adult learning styles which improves knowledge retention

  • Can lessen help desk costs and user errors after the Epicor solution is implemented

  • Serves as an on-going resource for new employees or those changing roles

  • Improves return on the total Epicor solution investment

Customer Success Story

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