Epicor iScala

Specially Designed Business Management Solution for Hospitality Industry.

Epicor iScala is a comprehensive end-to-end suite of proven industry-specific solutions for the
global midmarket enterprise. From robust global Financials and modular capabilities that
span customer relationship management (CRM), service management through to supply chain management (SCM). Epicor iScala provides adaptable and agile solutions that help companies address their important business challenges—today and in the future.


Midmarket companies and subsidiaries of large multinationals are not the same as Fortune 500 or Global 1000 companies. Your software requirements are different. You need a robust enterprise solution, but one that’s designed to support more resource-constrained operations. Systems designed for large global companies are too complex and too expensive to benefit small and midsized businesses. As a dedicated midmarket solution provider, Epicor iScala designed to help you meet your unique needs. Epicor iScala is delivers the comprehensive solution you need to compete in your market—but at a fraction
of the cost and time.

With Epicor iScala, you reap the benefits of our experience and the feedback from thousands of Epicor customers throughout the world who have helped us improve our solutions over each release. The software is based on proven implementations that have been installed at thousands of sites, helping us refine a services methodology and approach that supports rapid return on investment (ROI). At the same time, Epicor iScala
incorporates new leading-edge technology capabilities that will open up your business to the incredible potential of the globally extended enterprise.

Epicor Signature Methodology
Epicor iScala Modules

Raising Technology to the Business Level

Industry-leading technology makes it possible for midmarket enterprises and their trading partners to derive the benefits of
real-time collaboration from Epicor iScala. It is the foundation on which businesses execute their objectives, one that operates seamlessly and effectively in the background. It is architected to utilize Microsoft®’s leading platforms and technologies like the Microsoft .NET® Framework, Microsoft SQL® Server, and Microsoft SharePoint® that give a business maximum flexibility with minimum overhead. The iScala system builds on the Epicor tradition of offering technology solutions that yield real business benefits and clear customer advantages.

Built for the Global Enterprise

You face intense competition—from competitive multinationals on one side, and to aggressive smaller companies on the other. Epicor iScala software provides comprehensive end-to-end and industry-specific solutions with advanced functionality and rapid deployment, enabling you to outflank your competition with more effective operations and world-class customer service. Epicor iScala prepares your organization to compete within the new global economy that is at once demanding and rewarding. It delivers service-oriented and adaptable business architecture in support of a high-growth environment and an increased need for business agility. With the Epicor iScala solution and our team of consultants and resellers in your corner, you will have the resources you need to confidently meet the challenges you face today—and tomorrow.

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