Vertical specific, robust and flexible Industry Extensions

specially designed and built to complement Epicor ERP Business Management Suite

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Designed for Middle East market covering all the local labor requirements in general. The solution is developed on Epicor ERP platform, and can be configured to specific requirements. It’s fully integrated, centrally maintained payroll solution that ensures that employees are paid promptly and correctly.


Seamless integration with the finance module ensures that payroll module incorporates all payroll postings to the general ledger, without manual intervention.


Payroll reporting provides you with the possibility to run required reports adapted for local requirements.

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Detailed Features

  • WPS

  • Excel Uploads

  • Data Analytics

  • User defined error

  • Pay comparison graphs

  • Base pay deduction by leave type & grade

  • GL posting pay code wise

  • Gratuity Calculation

  • Flexible pay periods

  • Archival of pay data

  • Send pay slip via email

  • End of service


Developed specifically for granite & marble Industry. Seamless business integration across all departments with unmatched efficiency coupled with the ability to track orders, payments and deliveries assists in streamlining business challenges. The key features of Granite and Marble solution has been implemented in order to ease the process. It explores the major customization programs within the application to fine-tune Epicor ERP by matching the needs of the organization

Comprehensive Capabilities

  • Track inventory in real-time

  • Customize reporting and inventory control

  • Streamline procurement, GIT and GRN processes

  • Enhance sales management to minimize returns

  • Rely on accurate information due to ‘Fool-proof’ data entry

  • Manage debtors and creditors.

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  • Returns reduced significantly

  • Seamlessly manages stock according to dual measurement criteria

  • Fully customisable real-time reporting

  • Simple to use

  • Makes data entry 'fool-proof'

  • Significantly streamlines processes

  • Flawless financial tracking


The solution will empower the after sales service department to extend great support and deliver a unique customer experience, and will benefit from unparalleled flexibility and actionable business insights. It provides a 360 degree view of customer interactions across different departments and teams providing information and insights required for better planning, managing, and supports.

  • New business models with big data

  • Customer relationships throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle

  • Focal points: Sales Service management and Spare Parts management

  • Coordinating business processes through an integrated system

  • Integrated lifecycle support for business-critical, distributed systems

Automotive After-Sales Service Management Modules includes

  • Masters to configure

  1. Different Types of Vehicle, Engine and, Model Types

  2. Warranty and Service Types

  3. Workshops, Branches and Profit Centers

  4. Pricing, Costs and Invoicing

  5. Equipment/Vehicle Database

  • Service Calls to record customer enquiry

  • Costing and Estimation

  • Service Jobs to service including Operation and Material (Spare Parts)

  • Service Job Invoicing

  • Account Receivables



Automate critical financial operations with advance cash management capabilities


The solution is seamlessly integrated with Epicor. Cash Management is the core function of corporate treasury operations, It has advanced Cash Flow forecasting and management functions. Minimize human error by mapping your corporate processes and digitizing your your workflow processes. Centralized financial information and holistic financial visibility across all companies. A comprehensive cash flow forecast to manage your growth plans. With a clear cash flow plan, you can get access to the required outside funding to help your business achieve its growth plans.

Why Automate?

  • Saves Time

  • Effective cash-flow forecasting

  • Risk Reduction


  • Comprehensive view of cash flow balances for Individual and group companies

  • Covers cash pooling, term loans, working capital loans, zero balancing and in-house banking

  • Complete control on accruals and revaluations, e.g. for hedging currency and Bank facilities transactions

  • Supports multi currency, multi company cash flow transactions

  • Handle facilities like letter of credits, bank guarantees effectively

  • The solution allows to automate critical financial operations, while simultaneously ensuring financial data is secure

  • Indicates limits in real time, BI report can perform pre-deal checks and keep within counterparty limits at all times, which is a significant advance in ensuring regulatory compliance



Ensure proper payments to staff and accurate billing to clients with time and expense tracking software. Simplify the time and expense entry process with mobile entry and approvals from any device with a browser or the native mobile app – anytime, anywhere.

Expense Claim Processing

Employees submit expense claims, attaching scanned receipts and supporting documents through mobile devices. Claims follow a predefined approval process.

Time Tracking for Projects

Employee time reports and tracked expenses are automatically assigned for approval.

Simple and Convenient​ Mobile Time Entry

Employees can enter time and expenses on any Android device using the Index InfoTech Mobile App and attach photos of receipts. Workflows route completed reports for approvals on managers’ mobile device.

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  • Time and expense can be used for entering your daily time and expense activity in your daily office routine

  • Time and expense is divided in two modules:-

    • Employee

    • Approver

  • Employee will fill his/hers time or expense details and send it to approver for approval of those time request or expense request

  • Approver will be receiving all the time and  expense activity requests

  • Approver can approve the request or even reject the request by entering reject reason


BISCit Mobile Handheld app has a slick and modern user interface for the warehouse and distribution functions and runs on the latest Android based devices. The workflow is optimized for fast and accurate scanning and is fully integrated to Epicor ERP.

Why BISCit?

First Class, Modern, Native Android App (download from Play Store)

  • Built for Epicor ERP using the Epicor Mobile Framework

  • Fully integrated to Epicor ERP via REST APIs

Simple User Interface

  • Material Queue Advanced sorts and filters

  • Shortcut Favourites

  • Automated workflows trigged by scan events

  • Configurable scan validation

Architected to streamline workflows

  • Configurable Settings

  • Efficient streamlined processing

  • Reduces time to process transactions

  • Increases accuracy

  • Reduces errors

  • Part level validation

  • Record counters highlight priority and total queue entries

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