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IRM gives you a comprehensive view of risk across all levels of your enterprise so you can minimize threats and maximize opportunities. Make better decisions with confidence knowing you’ve got everything covered. We understand the significance of this synergy and so our business model is not just to sell software but to support our customers on their risk management journey with the knowledge and expertise of our people.

Banking &
Health Insurance
Risk, compliance
& audit departments
Healthcare providers
& life sciences


Prevent, detect and respond to compliance risks. Create a culture of compliance and better business performance.

Reduce exposure to hidden compliance risk

Automate the collection of responses to conflict of interest disclosures

  • Assessment questionnaires

  • Simplified disclosures process

  • Actionable dashboard reports

Identify early signs of misconduct

Automate gift and hospitality approval, monitoring and reporting

  • Auto-check values against gift limits

  • Policy exception alerts

  • Configurable workflow

Investigate and improve employee behavior

Case manage incidents effectively across the business

  • Hotline Integration

  • Investigations & case management

  • Rapid incident resolution workflow


Manage and mitigate risks from cybersecurity threats, proactively manage your vendors, and protect your organization’s data.

Improve your cybersecurity risk posture

Reduce the digital risk of privacy breaches and information loss

  • Vulnerability risk assessments

  • Comprehensive risk assessment libraries

  • Audits and assessments on any device

Reduce uncertainty around third parties and vendors

Automate your vendor risk management program

  • Ongoing monitoring with security rating services

  • Flexible vendor questionnaires

  • Prioritized vendor risk assessments

Build data privacy trust with your customers

Automate a sustainable data privacy program

  • Policies, training & awareness to build risk culture

  • Breach notification workflow

  • Configurable GDPR framework


Break down barriers for better risk analytics, decision making and performance. Integrate your operational risk management program and improve your organization's risk culture.

No risk. No reward.

Operational risk identification and measurement for better decisions

  • Risk assessments supporting ISO 31000, COSO, SOX

  • Enterprise risk analytics and quantification

  • KRI reporting and risk mitigation plans

From reactive to proactive

Incident management and loss reporting

  • Incident data capture via web-forms, hotline, emails

  • Investigation case management

  • Loss capture, analytics and dashboards

Assure, advise, anticipate

Audit Management - selection, planning, execution, reporting, follow-up

  • Control assessment, documentation, and testing

  • Audit work paper and document workflow

  • Policy documentation and control mapping


Enhance your vendor management process from assessment through testing, screening, and monitoring.

Rank vendors by risk

Impact rating and criticality drive risk-based remediation

  • Simplified onboarding to assess vendor criticality

  • Vendor repository serves as single source of truth

  • Automatically send questionnaires based on risk

Fully assess vendor risk

Automated risk assessments with real-time rating & due diligence

  • Automated best practice risk assessment workflow

  • Ongoing security and financial risk screening

  • Assess vendors against mapped control frameworks

Connect the dots

Integrated vendor risk intelligence and analytics

  • Risk reporting eliminates manual processing

  • Custom reporting and on-the-fly analysis

  • Monitor controls & remediations for full picture

EHS RISK (environmental, health & safety)

Save lives, reduce costs and protect the environment. Elevate operational performance with an integrated EHS risk solution.

Meet compliance & sustainability objectives

Automate your emissions management process

  • Manage emissions centrally

  • Flexible calculations and formulas

  • Data analytics and dashboards

Help protect the environment

Automate environmental compliance and monitoring

  • Manage environmental incidents, hazards and risks

  • Collect, store and analyze key environmental metrics

  • Track permits, licenses and obligations

Keep employees and contractors safe

Best practice Health and Safety workflows

  • Mobile data capture online and offline

  • Root cause analysis of incidents

  • Health and safety risk, hazard and control management

Manage your EHS risk blindspots

Gain insights into EHS data, take high-impact actions and improve EHS performance

  • Analyze overall EHS performance

  • Self service reporting and data analytics

  • Predictive analytics & leading indicator reporting


An ethical culture is vital to protect your reputation and build trust. Empower your employees to do the right thing with our ethics and compliance training & learning content, technology, and services.

Modernize your ethics and compliance training program

Access the largest collection of configurable, mobile, and translated training and communication tools

  • Scenario-based content

  • 20+ risk topics

  • 60+ languages

Promote ethical behavior on any device

Deliver content anywhere and generate reports and insights to measure program goals

  • Engaging learning experiences

  • Demonstrate program effectiveness 

  • Satisfy regulatory expectations  

Address key risk areas 

Build the right program for your organization with our in-house services team 

  • Customizable campaign-based approach

  • “Prime, Train, Apply, Sustain” strategy

  • Work with Certified Compliance & Ethics Professionals (CCEP)


SAI 360 IRM Solutions Overview


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