The real estate industry’s capitals are directly connected to the growth of world economies. The developing trend in real estate sector is boosting enhanced marketability, acquisitions and mergers, whereas new regulations and rules are forcing tighter business and information controls. Being a part of a sector that involves considerable expenditure, you may face a number of challenges in various areas of your business, for example, in project costing, project planning and execution, cash flow visibility, regulatory compliance and pricing system. To make profits, you have to keep costs down, accumulate efficiencies across processes and stay commercially viable by passing on all these bonuses to the customers through optimal pricing. You also need to operate site selection, project and budget planning, regulatory approvals, construction and other aspects of your business properly and smartly.


Boost profitability and reinforce competence across the enterprise with our real estate and association management business transformation solution.

Real time integration between Financials, Materials, Construction and Marketing

Manage site selection, regulatory approvals, budget and other aspects of business capably

Hassle-free project management and contractor management

Automation and control in procurement and inventory management

Securely manage bank accounts, accept rent, and create valuable reporting

Clear visibility of every section of your business via robust and customizable dashboards

Make and accept payments online for rent, association fees, and vendors

Monitor and report on
business expenses alongside property expenses


Looking for a solution for your Real Estate business? Get in touch to find out how we can help.

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