Are you evaluating an ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is an heavy investment, not just in terms of licensing costs and maintenance, but in terms of dedicated IT team and most importantly time. Most of the time, organizations, amazed by technology partners assurances fail to come up with a precise fit for the specified industry vertical. Today a lot of small & medium businesses are implementing ERP without creating a RFP and few years down the line they realize that the ERP system is not fulfilling the business requirements. Every ERP is unique and is designed to meet the needs of specific industry verticals. RFP creation process plays a pivotal role to select an ERP. RFP defines the success.

Integration is a must - ERP that does not work with your current systems is not a right solution but another costly affair.

Evaluate a right technology partner that has expertise in your industry vertical.

Ask for references – Check with the clients what worked, what did not and what they might have done differently. If a technology partner can't provide references, they may not have the skill set you are eyeing for.

Plan the customization required - Major customization will incur additional cost, not only in the initial deployment but when upgrading the new releases. Plan and allow customization where required.

Assign an internal ERP expert - Someone within the organization, who is familiar with managing software systems. You can groom him for training and acting as the single point of contact for all the employees.

Index Info Tech will help you select a ERP that will be the right fit your industry vertical, with tools and features designed to meet your business requirements. We will create an clear and extensive RFP that will help you choose a scalable & robust ERP system ready to meet the business requirement of your industry vertical.

If you are evaluating an ERP, please connect with us we will write the RFP for you in 3 days .

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