Upgrade To Epicor ERP 10.1

The experts are already discussing just how good Epicor ERP 10.1 is and what it brings to the table to equip your business for future readiness. What to look forward to.

  • Enhanced performance and stability

  • Module enhancements

  • Ease of use

  • Ease of customization/upgrading

  • Virtual / hosted Cloud deployment

  • Virtual / hosted Cloud deployment

  • Support for the Mobile generation

  • Scalability

  • Enhanced Tools

There are two options available for upgrade.

Technical Upgrade – Without altering any business process or customization, simply upgrade to 10.1 from existing versions i.e. Vantage 8.x, Epicor 9.x and Epicor 10.

Full Upgrade – Ideal option for companies who want to explore and take advantage of the latest features and recent functionalities. Full upgrade is generally time consuming and expensive but an end-to-end implementation ensures your organization now runs on the latest enterprise grade software.

You are up for an upgrade if your ERP implementation is 3-5 years old.

Connect with us if you organization is running on Epicor ERP and planning for upgrade.

We also have a dedicated team that specializes in Crystal Reports (for Epicor 9.x) and SSRS (for Epicor 10.x)

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